Bennet Summers


He works with both leading players and investors across Global B2B industries, including Engineering and Compliance, Automotive Services, Construction & Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Business Process Outsourcing (both Blue Collar and White Collar), and Professional Services. Bennet also leads OC&C’s growing presence advising participants in the TIC (Testing, Inspection & Certification) space.

Turning strategy into action is important for Bennet, and he works closely with clients on performance improvement, with particular expertise in workforce optimisation (both remote/mobile workforce and fixed sites), salesforce excellence, pricing and proposition design, and re-designing operating models.

Every OC&C recommendation is rooted in the customer, and in particular within B2B Services Bennet is keen to help capture the latent value in oft-forgotten smaller customers (the “B2SME” segment).

He works with both corporates and investors, with whom he has supported across the lifecycle, including buy-side diligence, multi-year transformation programmes, and several successful exits including major IPOs.

Bennet is based in London and works widely across Europe and North America.

Education & Prior Experience

  • Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford University


  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • M & A and Private Equity
  • Operational Strategy
  • Strategy Realisation


  • Business Services
  • TMT

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